DECEMBER 19, 2005

ATTENDANCE: Don Hinds, Advancement Chair; Dan Snow, Committee Chair; Jerry Bricker, Assistant Scoutmaster; Doug Barry, Assistant Scoutmaster; Susan Smith, Committee Member; Dan Shattil, Treasurer; Tom Rolfes, Scoutmaster (when not helping with PLC); Marj Newcomer, Fundraising Coordinator; Deb Carney, Secretary.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Troop Balance Sheets were handed out including deductions for Summer Camp. At this time 10 Scouts and 3 Adult Leaders are committed. New software will be in full use January 1. With the use of the new software many different reports will be available. Will change the Troop's Fiscal year to coordinate with rechartering. More T-shirts and sweat shirts have been ordered to fill in missing sizes. (Great Christmas/holiday gift idea, contact Dan Shattil at 483-0443) A motion was made by Susan to accept the report. Marj seconded, the motion passed unanimously.

SALT VALLEY DISTRICT PINEWOOD DERBY: The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing Pinewood Derby. Friday, March 3, 2005, will be track set up, weigh-in and impoundment. Concessions will be open on Friday evening this year selling pizza, pop and candy. Saturday, March 4, 2005, will be Race Day. Including Racing, voting, Silent Auction, concessions, and a new Troop Recruitment Area.

Committees have been named for Concessions; Silent Auction; Program and Promotion; Race Track and Logistics; Facilities; Registration, weigh-in, and Impound. All Committees will need adult and Scout volunteers. A request by the Committee on the Silent Auction: EACH Scout is requested to solicit, purchae or donate one Auction "Basket". Over 99 letters of solicit ation will be sent on January 3 and Scouts can choose to help follow up on these "leads" in order to secure donated items. The Troop will also Auction Hercules' rentals.

The District Council has requested we have Door Prizes available during the
races. Jerry is trying to locate some. The U.S. Flags will be put out to line the entrances prior to the start of the Derby.

Meeting Adjourned.


Next Committee Meeting January 19.
No Troop Meeting December 26 or January 2. Next Troop meeting January 9.