Adult Committee Meeting

Troop 25

December 1st, 2003


Attended by: Tom Rolfes, Scoutmaster; Dale Meyer, Treasurer; Kurt Suhr, Don Hinds, Tom and Lori Tracy, Kurt and Melanie Collins, Secretary.


We meet at St. Mark’s. 


Secretary’s Report: Minutes were read from the November meeting. Don Hinds made a motion that we accept the minutes as read; Dale Meyer seconded the motion, passed.


Treasurer’s Report: Dale passed out the treasurer’s report.  The balance in the checking account is $2,906.33.  Please check with Dale and find out what you owe your Scout account.  Please get this paid up.  We have budgeted for an additional $253.35 for equipment so we will be purchasing another Hercules.


Remember to get your Village Inn pie certificates for the boys to sell.  The Village Inn Pies Coupons are for sale till Christmas.  Each coupon is sold for $10, and the scout will receive $3 per coupon into his account.  Dale will need the money up front, but will hold any checks till after we close the sale – January 8th, 2004.


Summer Camp fee schedule is as follows:

Regular Camp - 1/22                 $60                  High Adventure – 1/22                 $55

                        2/26                $65                                             2/26             $55

                        4/22                $50                                             3/25             $55

                        5/26                $50                                             4/22             $55     

                        6/23                $45                                             5/27             $55

                        7/8                  $45                                             7/8               $50                             


Tom made a motion that we accept the treasurer’s report; Don seconded it, passed unanimously.


Advancement Report: Don reported that we have completed quite a few partials and he has handed out the individual records. 


Scoutmaster Report: Tom reported that we have put in for a crew at Philmont for 2005.  We will have to have 14 by January 1, 2005.  The first choice for dates would be July 31-Aug 12/August 1 – 13/ August 2 – 14.  Cost would be $495. If our troop is not chosen then we will be able to have a crew for 2006.


Tom has also checking into summer camp at Double H Ranch in Socorro, NM for 2004.  We would have one crew of the oldest scouts.  He has also looked into the Florida Sea Base camp for the spring of 2005 or 2006.


Please note the change in dates for summer camp in 2004 at Ben Delatour – July 10th – 17th.  We have 22 scouts signed up for the regular camp and 14 adults – for high adventure we have 8 scouts and 4 adults.


Tom said that the dates were all filled for Lincoln Lights this year so we will not be working an evening.


We discussed the troop website.  The website is up and running at 


Tom mentioned that the boys would like to find khaki pants to wear with their scout shirts instead of BSA pants.   Mary Brass checked with Wal-Mart and found some olive green Bugle Boy pants that aren’t too costly.   We will check into getting these purchased in January.


The Council will be having the Pinewood Derby at St. Marks on March 6th – we are hoping to be able to sell concessions at the derby. 


We need leadership both from the boys and parents at the weekly meetings.  We should always have 2 adults wherever the boys are – in order to accomplish this we need to have parental support.


Calendar Reminders & Upcoming events:

Dec. 4 PLC Meeting

Dec. 12-14 Camping

Dec. 18 Meeting, 7-8:30

Jan. 05 Adult Committee Meeting, 7-9pm, Church
Jan. 08 Patrol Leaders Council, 7-8:30pm
Jan. 15 Meeting, 7-8:30pm
Jan. 17 Klondike Derby at Camp Cornhusker
Jan. 22 Meeting, 7-8:30pm
Jan. 29 Court of Honor, 7pm, Church



Respectfully submitted,

Melanie Collins

Committee Secretary