Minutes 11-16-05 Troop 25 committee meeting
Present:  Tom Rolfes, Kurt Suhr, Marj Newcomer, Tammy Kubitz, Jerry 
Bricker, Dan Snow, Doug Gilg, Doug Barry, Don Hinds, Dan Shattil
Eagle Project Report was presented by Eric Schellpeper.  Don moved 
to approve his project proposal.  Kurt Suhr seconded.  Project was 
approved for presentation to the district, with minor modifications.
No minutes were taken on October 20.  A recap of the meeting follows:
1. Scout Acct. deposits-discussion as to how to handle scout accounts
2. Dan Shattil to research two maintenance plans for scout funds
3. Reversing fund raising dues for inactive scouts
4. Behavior at meetings and campouts was discussed
5. Venture Patrol was discussed
Treasure Report:
1.  Letters have been sent to scouts who owe debts
2.  Scouts on the Waubonsie Trip will be charged an additional $3.00 to offset the additional trip costs.
3.  Scout Accounts policy was presented by Dan Shattil.  Dan presented a plan for each scout to have two accounts. One will be designated for 
fundraising and second for parent deposits.  The second (parent deposit) account can be refunded if a scout decides to leave the troop, whereas the fundraising account balance would stay with the troop.  Charges will always be taken out of the fundraising account first.  If here is not enough money in that account, money will be then transferred from the parent account.  January 1, 2005 will be the date for the conversion to this new method of accounting and all money in the current scout accounts will be deposited in the scout fund raising accounts.
1. Few merit badges
2. Great Eagles are working on swimming to try to achieve First Class by the end of January 
3. Court of honor in the end of January
4. Many scouts need to finish up partial merit badge requirements from summer camp
Salt Valley Pinewood Derby:
1.  Scheduled for Saturday, March 4, 2006.
2.  Auction stipulations include putting up signs saying where proceeds 
will be going.
3.  The next committee meeting will be on December 15th there will be sign up sheets for the derby committees.
Scoutmaster Report:
1.  Tom is working on overnight accommodations for July 15, 2006, the night before summer camp arrival. Jerry Bricker suggested either a youth hostel or a National Guard Armory. The U.S. Air Force Academy only allows outdoor tent camping for Scouts. Peterson AFB and Fort Morgan Army Post have not responded. Another option suggested would be Colorado Springs Methodist churches.
Minutes taken by Marj Newcomer and reviewed by Tom Rolfes