Troop 25
Committee Meeting
September 15, 2005

ATTENDANCE: Dan Shattil, Treasurer; Tammy Kubitz, Committee Member; Don
Hinds, Advancement Chair; Doug Gigl, Assistant Scoutmaster for Membership; Tom
Rolfes, Scoutmaster; Dan Snow, Committee Chair; Doug Barry, Assistant Scoutmaster;
Deb Carney, Secretary.

MINUTES: The minutes from August 18, 2005, were read. Don moved and Tammy
seconded to approve the minutes.  The motion passed unanimously.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Dan present the treasurer's report.  The $30 fund raising
dues were assessed to all Scout's Accounts.  There are 19 accounts with
negative balances. Dan will send a note explaining the fund raising dues along with
balances to the Scout's family. Tammy made a motion to accepted the report. 
Don seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

ADVANCEMENT REPORT: 62 merit badges were earned and will be handed out at
Court of Honor.  There are a possible 10 more.  There are 2 or 3 rank
advancement.  At Court of Honor, the Mile High award, group pictures and COPE
participation will be handed out.

SUMMER CAMP: A form will be given out at Court of Honor regarding Summer
Camp. All Scouts and Adults planning on attending Summer Camp must turn in a check
deposit when returning the form.

Payment Schedule: 
October 17, 2005 - $50 deposit from all Scouts and Adults
November 30, 2005 - $50
January 31, 2006 - $100
March 31, 2006 - $100

Webelos crossing over to Troop 25 will be shown regular form and payment
schedule.  They will have the option of opening a Scout Account at that time.

Refund Policy: Troop 25 cannot refund Summer Camp Money for nonattendance
unless documented by a medical doctor or a death occurs in the family.  This
policy follows the Summer Camps (Camp Alexander, Lewis and Clark, etc.) refund

Don made a motion to except Summer Camp payment schedule and refund policy. 
Tammy seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

OPEN LEADERSHIP: Outdoor Activity, needed.  Adventure Patrol, Tom Tracy needs
more details, another possible Leader Pat Quade.  Youth Protection, needed. 
Eagle Coach Counselor, needed will take Life Scouts through their Eagle. 
Membership, filled Joannie Severson and Doug Gilg.

SCOUTMASTER'S REPORT: Summer camp selection process the Scouts were very
involved.  Vote much closer than anticipated.

A proposal was made to purchase one or two additional Hercules dining flies. 
It was decided to purchase one at this time from Sam's and purchase a second
Hercules later.  Don approved; Tammy seconded and the motion passed

The Salt Valley District Committee Meeting is September 27 @ 7pm the new
Chair, Larry Holmes invited us to attend.  Tom is planning on attending anyone
else is welcome to join him at the Council office.

Webelo recruiting strategies: attend Pyrtle's recruitment night.  September
29 Lux's Open house.  October 3 Webelo's open house with the Troop.  October
14-16 Webelo's campout with Troop 25.

Venture Patrol: Tom gave out a hand out regarding Troop 25 Venture Patrol.
The Venture Patrol is geared toward keeping the older Scouts active in the
Troop.  The Handout will be kept with the minutes for review.

Adjournment @ 9:15.