Adult Committee Meeting

Troop 25

October 6th, 2003


Attended by: Don Lee, Committee Chairman; Tom Rolfes, Scoutmaster; Dale Meyer, Treasurer; Tom and Lori Tracy, Steve Glass, Andrew Osaki, Kurt Suhr, Jerry Hall, Don Hinds, and Melanie Collins, Secretary.


We meet at the St. Mark’s. 


Secretary’s Report: Minutes were not read from the September meeting.


Treasurer’s Report: Dale passed out the treasurer’s report.  The balance in the checking account is $1,938.01. 


Advancement Report: Don reported that we passed out 103 merit badges and 23 rank advancements at the court of honor.  Twenty-one badges were back ordered.  Don is running new reports for each boy, he will hand them out and review them with the boys.  Please remember to bring your scout book to the meetings.


Scoutmaster Report: Tom asked for the dates of summer camp in 2004 at Ben Delatour – July 18 – 24th.  Tom Tracy will be getting us registered and making the arrangements for the overnight stay at the AFB in Cheyenne. 


Tom asked if anyone was interested in attending the Long Range planning meeting for Camp Cornhusker.  No one was interested in attending so Tom will email them our opinion.


The troop will be attending the Freedom Fest Jubilee at Mahoney State Park on October 17th – 19th.  Cost and more information will follow at a later date. 


Mitchell Snyder and his mom are working on a troop website.  Lori made a motion that we purchase the domain for $25, Tom Tracy seconded the motion – it passed unanimously to purchase  The committee discussed what we want to gain from our website and what information we want to have listed.  We are organizing a committee to check into safety, passwords, etc. 


We discussed scout spirit, venture crew, and the new scouts program.  We really need parent participation at the meetings to keep the boys on task. 


Tom mentioned that the boys would like to find khaki pants to wear with their scout shirts instead of BSA pants.   Mary said she would check at Wal-Mart and Lori will check at Kohl’s.  Tom said that the cotton polyester content should be either 60%-40% or 70%-30%. 


We talked about the insurance for the trailer and the contents.  Melanie will do some more checking and see if she can obtain copies of the endorsements for our file showing the coverages that were added for the troop.

Calendar Reminders & Upcoming events:

October 9th – Regular Meeting 7:00

October 16th - Regular Meeting 7:00

October 17 – 19th – Freedom Fest Jubilee 6:00 at St Mark’s

October 23rd - Regular Meeting 7:00

October 30th – No Meeting – No School

November 3rd – Committee Meeting 7:00

November 6th - PLC Meeting 7:00


Respectfully submitted,

Melanie Collins

Committee Secretary