MAY 3, 2004


ATTENDANCE: Susan Smith, Don Hinds, Steve Glass, Melanie Collins, Tom Rolfes,

Dan Snow, Dale Meyers, Andrew Ozaki and Deb Carney


SECRETARY'S REPORT: Melanie read the minutes from June.  Approved by Don;

seconded by Susan motion passed unanimously.


TREASURER'S REPORT: Dale passed out the treasurer's report.  Pack 25 has a

check to present for the bus fund.  Does the Pack and Troop want to present

checks together at a ceremony?  Push cart concessions netted $67.71.  Tom is going

to ask Cornhusker Council to make a donation because of the disappointing

sales due to weather.  A motion was passed unanimously that the Scouts that

worked the concessions will receive service hours and the money earned would be

placed in the bus fund.  The Troop had 10 boys sale popcorn for total sales of

$1254, netting those boys $401 to be placed in their accounts according to their



ADVANCEMENT REPORT: At his time there is not any rank advancement.  Court of

Honor is May 27th.  May 20th is the cut off date for rank advancement.  At

this time there are 5 patches for activities and 20+ merit badges.


SCOUTMASTER REPORT: Troop 25 will be selling flowers for Mother's Day after

much discussion it was decided that flowers would be sold Saturday from 12-5 at

a location to be determined by availability, first choice is Spirit Soccer at

84th & O streets (State Farm), second choice Union Bank at 68th & 0 street. 

Then flowers would be sold after the Saturday Service at St. Mark's.  Sunday

flowers will be sold after all services.  Scouts will need to sign up for

specific times.


A motion was made: Sign up is necessary for all activities by deadline.  If

not enough commitment possible cancellation.  Andrew approved; Melanie seconded

and passed unanimously.  To make this successful there will have to be better

communication.  Communication to parents will be done earlier via e-mail

regarding deadlines of upcoming events.  Patrol leaders will have to take an

active role calling patrol members for commitments.  It was also purposed that the

PLC meet the first Thursday of each month @ 6:30 - 7:30.  The whole Troop

would meet 7:30-8:30.  Giving more time/opportunity for information to be handed



All tents are accounted; 507 @ Sass.  MISSING one aluminum cook kit

(replacement $55), one nylon bag ($9).  Request committee's permission to also purchase

reinforcement for cooking stands ($7-9).


Discussion was held on the renting of Hercules. Steve will check out pricing.

 Considering rental plus set up fee.  Troop will need some form of contract

and check off list.  Prices will be e-mail to committee members for approval. 

A request was made for the Hercules the first week in June.


Shorts and Hats, one style of hat will be chosen -- shorts in sand or khaki. 

More information to follow.


National Tour Permit must be filed prior to the end of May.  Information

includes insurance coverage, # of vehicles (bus plus tow vehicle), 1 CPR for each

camp. ALL adults  must have youth protection, fast start, climb on safely,

water safety/float safety.  Name of Head Troop Leader and Assistant leaders for

both camps.  At a meeting the video Time to Tell will be shown for all who are

attending camp.


An agreement with Troop 8 needs to be made regarding the use and insurance of

the canoes and trailer.  Discussion was held regarding, self insuring, adding

a rider, or each Troop responsible for own insurance with splitting

deductibles.  We left this in the capable hands of Tom and Melanie. A decision needs to

be made to go forward with June Canoe/Camp out.


Calendar Reminders & upcoming Events:

May 6      PLC and Scorpion Patrol (Rocket Launch)

May 8-9   Flower Sales

May 13    Regular Meeting Menus, Permission slips for campout turned in cost

$12.  Rocket Launch             

May14-16  Branched Oak Camp out.  Leave Friday 6:00 PM return Sunday12:00 PM

  May 15   National Make a Difference - Volunteers @ Branched Oak Headquarters

May 20     Regular Meeting, Order of the Arrow, Deadline for advancement.

May 27    Court of Honor @ Holmes Lake


Respectfully submitted,

Deb Carney