APRIL 21, 2005

ATTENDANCE: Dan Snow, Tom Rolfes, Jerry Bricker, Doug Gilg, Don Hinds, Steve Glass, Nathan Glass, Doug Barry, Dan Shattil, Dale Meyer, Marj Newcomer and Deb Carney

MINUTES: Deb read the minutes from the March meeting with the name correction. A motion was made to accept the minutes. Don approved the motion. Marj seconded the motion; the motion passed unanimously.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Dale presented the report. All Scouts' accounts have been charged rechartering dues. Those scouts committed to Summer Camp have had two $60 payments deducted. The church sent the Troop a bill for $82 for the use and operator of the video equipment during Pinewood Derby. Previously the Troop had authorized $50 in gift certificates for the operator's time to be given directly to him. Figuring the bill at quoted prices we stilled owe the church $32. It was authorized to send the $32 to St. Mark's. The Troop was also presented with a $32 Web site bill from Lincoln Web Design to run the web site through November 2005. A motion to pay was made by Doug Barry and seconded by Don. The motion passed unanimously. The Treasurer's Report was accepted.

EAGLE PROJECT PROPOSAL: Nathan Glass presented his Eagle Project proposal to the Committee. The project was to refurbish picnic tables that are stacked up at Blue Stem Lake. The Committee requested Nathan add more detail to his proposal including budget, number of Scouts needed, equipment/tools needed among other things. Nathan will present a revised proposal at the May Committee Meeting.

ADVANCEMENT REPORT: Don requested that all Scouts finish their work on partials. Merit badges and Rank Advancement need to be finished by May 16 for Court of Honor on May 23.

MAY FLOWER SALES FUND RAISER: Troop 25 had planned to sell at UNL Graduation and at St. Mark's for Mother's Day. The location the Troop used last year in front of Devaney was denied by the State Fair Board. Four proposals were made on how to sell the flowers. The Committee decided on street corner sales May 7 from 10:00-3:00. Two locations are confirmed. Deb will call on other locations. The number of locations will depend on the number of Scouts committed to selling flowers on Saturday, May 7. Flowers will then be sold Saturday evening and Sunday morning at St. Mark's.

SUMMER CAMP - LEWIS AND CLARK JULY 10-16: 26 Scouts and 13 Adults are planning on attending summer camp. Transportation: The Troop is going to request the use of the Thomas bus. Don Hinds has volunteered to pull the trailer. Regarding transportation all scouts must pay transportation fee regardless if their parents are driving separate. Only preauthorized vehicles will be reimbursed gas. Camp costs are $160 for Scouts, $70 for Adults. Scouts will pay $30 for transportation and side trips. Health forms are on file from last year's summer camp. Scouts need a physical every three years . Adults over 40 need physicals every year. Full payment to Lewis and Clark is due May 1, 2005.

SCOUTMASTER REPORT: Troop and Venture Crew Rechartering due April 30. The Committee decided to register all Scouts under Troop 25 and to allow the Venture Crew 25 charter to lapse until there is enough youth and adult support to restart the Venture Crew.

Equipment Acquisitions/Tents: We now have enough tents for 30 boys and 6 adults. The committee approved ordering two more 6-person tents. A motion was made to order the necessary equipment for camping including junction tubes, complete spanner(ridge pole), backpacking Stake Bag, Camp cookset, lantern padded stuff sack, cook kit nylon cover, hand ax replacement sheaths. Doug approved the motion; Marj seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Revised: May 13-15 Canoe trip to Elkhorn River, Waterloo, NE. June 9-12 Current River Canoe Trip near Akers, Missouri. Doug B. will check with out-fitters. Scouts would leave Thursday morning, canoe Friday and Saturday, drive home Sunday.

ADJOURNMENT/NEXT MEETING: Next committee meeting is May 19, 2005.

Reminder: Popcorn pick up at Marj Newcomer's Saturday, April 22.

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Carney
Committee Secretary
Troop 25