Adult Committee Meeting

Troop 25

February 14th, 2004


Attended by: Tom Rolfes, Scoutmaster; Dale Meyer, Treasurer; Don Lee, Committee Chairman; Kurt Suhr, Andrew Schellpeper, Tom & Lori Tracy, Melanie Collins, Secretary.


We meet at St. Mark’s on a cold and snowy night. 


Andrew Schellpeper presented his Eagle Scout project to the committee for approval. Good job Andrew!


Secretary’s Report: Minutes were read from the January meeting.


Treasurer’s Report: Dale passed out the treasurer’s report.  The balance in the checking account is $2,000.37.  We have nine boys who have crossed over and we have added them to the list. 


Summer Camp fee schedule is as follows:

Regular Camp -  2/26                $65                  High Adventure – 2/26             $55

                        4/22                $50                                             3/25             $55

                        5/26                $50                                             4/22             $55     

                        6/23                $45                                             5/27             $55

                        7/8                  $45                                             7/8               $50     

We have made the first payment to Ben Delatour - $4585.00.  February 18th is the last date to cancel reservations for summer camp.               


We discussed doing the concessions for the District Pinewood Derby on March 6th at St Marks. We will need 6 boys per hour and a parent to help serve.  We will set up at 8:00 am and the derby runs from 10-3.  Boys will be paid an hourly rate depending upon how much is made. 


Advancement Report: No report.


Scoutmaster Report:  Tom reported that we had 14 Scouts help with Scout Sunday.  Thanks! 


The winter camping trip to Branched Oak went well.  IT was 24 degrees.  Some boys did the 4-mile backpacking trip. 


There will be a Ski Trip on 2/14 to Cresent Iowa.  An email went out earlier with an attachment giving the information, costs, and sign up form. 


Rick Earnst is getting together the February Merit badge classes.  More information will follow.


This month is elections – election packets will be handed out on the 12th, election packets are due back in on the 19th, and elections will be held on the 26th.  We will also have Order of Arrow elections.


Calendar Reminders & Upcoming events:

Feb. 26--Troop Elections & Patrol Reorganization, 7-8:30pm
Feb. 28--Merit Badge University classes at St. Mark's, 9am-12pm, 1-4pm
 Mar. 4--Patrol Leaders Council Mtg, 7-8:30pm
 Mar. 6--District Pinewood Derby, 8am-3pm
 Mar. 8--Adult Committee Meeting, 7-9pm
 Mar. 11--Regular Meeting, 7-8:30pm


Respectfully submitted,

Melanie Collins

Committee Secretary