AUGUST 17, 2006  7:30 PM


Attendance: Dan Snow, Committee Chair; Dan Shattil, Treasurer; Doug Barry, Assistant Scoutmaster; Ty Carney,  Senior Patrol Leader; Anne Kingsley, Committee Member; Jerry Bricker, Assistant Scoutmaster; Tom Rolfes, Scoutmaster; Don Hinds, Advancement Chair; Doug Gilg, Assistant Scoutmaster; Deb Carney, Secretary


Troop 25 Goals:  Presented by SPL Ty Carney. Accepted by the Committee.


Troop 25 Calendar: Presented by SPL Ty Carney.  Don moved to accept the proposed calendar.  Dan Shattil seconded.  The motion passed unanimously, with the agreement that summer camp dates and monthly themes be added.


Minutes:  Don Hinds moved to accept the June minutes, noting that the May Minutes are still missing.  Dan Shattil seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.


Treasurer's Report: Dan Shattil presented current account balances.  September 1, 2006 all Chartered Scouts' accounts will be deducted $30 for the fundraising surcharge.  Summer Camp had a shortage of approximately $725.49.  A motion was made by Don to divide the difference by the 21 Scouts who attended Summer Camp.  Dan Shattil seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.


Cameron & Aaron Tracy requested that the balances in their scout accounts be transferred to their new Troop. The committee approved the transfers to Troop 76.  Newcomers requested that Reid Newcomer's Scout Account of $252.35 of parental deposits be reimbursed. Motion made by Deb, seconded by Don, it passed on a vote three to one.  Matthew Frain-Dinsdale's account balance of -$0.25 will be absorbed by the Troop.


The Committee will write a policy clarifying reimbursement of Scout Accounts.  The current policy states that no fundraising money will be refunded upon leaving the Troop.  Parents are encouraged to zero out Scout accounts at the end of each fiscal year. 


Advancement Report:  46 merit badges were earned at summer camp.  There are 10 partials.  Don will print out requirements for Scouts who need to complete partials.  An additional six to eight miscellaneous badges have been completed.


September Court of Honor:  Sue Graff has reserved the room.  Sue will be helping with a PowerPoint presentation of Merit badges and Rank advancement.  Jerry/Sue will be putting together a multimedia presentation on a year of Scouting in Troop 25.


Summer Camp 2007: Doug Gilg reserved the week of July 22-28 at Medicine Mountain.  Up to 40 people can be accommodated in the Sioux campground.  A deposit of $200 is needed to hold our reservation. Tom will check on the availability of the church bus before final confirmation of the week. Medicine Mountain reservations are available on-line.


Scoutmaster Report: At the August 18-20 weekend camp out, an estimated 12-13 Scouts will be working on Small Boat Sailing merit badge and a few Scouts will be working on Waterskiing merit badge.  Last Monday, August 14, was Tom's last meeting. Assistant Scoutmasters will lead the meeting. Doug Barry will be in charge of the next meeting.  Possible activities include planning monthly program features.


Meeting adjourned @ 9:55.