Troop 25 Committee Meeting

August 18, 2005

ATTENDANCE: Ty Carney, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader; Dale Meyer, Treasurer; Deb Carney, Secretary; Tammy Kubitz, Committee Member; Tom Rolfes, Scoutmaster; Dan Snow, Committee Chair; Dan Shattil, Treasurer; Marj Newcomer, Fundraising Coordinator; Reid Newcomer, Scout; Doug Barry, Assistant Scoutmaster; Jerry Brinker, Assistant Scoutmaster; Don Hinds, Advancement Chair; Susan Smith, Committee Member.

MINUTES: Deb read the minutes from June 23.  Doug Barry moved and Marj Newcomer seconded to approve the minutes from June.  The motion passed unanimously.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Dale Meyer announced this would be his last official meeting as Treasurer.  Dan Shattil will be taking over.  The Committee thanks Dale for all the time and effort he has contributed to Troop 25.  THANK YOU! 

There are 4 (four) accounts with negative balances that are of concern: Josh Collins, Nathan Glass, Sam Lee (includes a Hercules rental), and Mike Molsen

A discount was applied to Adult Leaders for Summer Camp.  Summer Camp has been balanced out.

On September 1 all Scout's Accounts will be charged $30 fund raising fee.

A request had been made by the Lugn family to refund his summer camp fee for non attendance.  After much discussion it was agreed upon to not refund money out of the Troop's general fund because no refund came from Camp Lewis and Clark.  Deb Carney will draft a letter to Sara Lugn.

Marj made a motion to approve the report.  Don Hinds seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

ADVANCEMENT REPORT: 54 merit badges were earned at summer camp.  Another 24 were partially completed.  Paper work from Beatrice regarding the Personal Fitness MB still have not been received.

TROOP PLANNING RETREAT:  Ty Carney presented the planning goals for 2005-06 and the proposed calendar.  A revised copy will be sent out by e-mail soon. The committee accepted the documents from the 2005-06 planning retreat.

ADULT LEADERSHIP POSITIONS: Dan Snow reported that the parents are willing to participate in the new adult leadership positions.  The Troop has requested that one parent/guardian from each scout family take on an active roll being on the committee, serving as a merit badge counselor, or assuming one of the other positions available.  Positions still needed for 2005-06 included Assistant Scoutmasters for Venture Patrol, meetings, and New Scout Patrol; Membership Coordinator; Outdoor/activity Coordinator;Youth Protection and Re-chartering Coordinators.

SCOUTMASTER'S REPORT:  Tom went over the new 2005-06 activity calendar that was recently e-mailed.

August 22:  Troop meeting--discuss 2006 summer camp AND Nomination of officers

August 29: PLC meeting--Plan September and Court of Honor

September 4: Hercules rental

September 5: NO MEETING!!

September 11: Flag Duty

September 12: Elections AND advancement due for court of Honor

ADJOURNMENT at 9:10pm and NEXT MEETING: September 15

Minutes recorded by Deb Carney