Troop 25 Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Attendance: Doug Barry, Assistant Scoutmaster; Dan Snow, Committee Chair; Dan Shattil, Treasurer; don Hinds, Advancement Chair; Doug Gilg, Assistant Scoutmaster; Susan Smith, Committee Member; Rick Newcomer, Assistant Scoutmaster; Tom Rolfes, Scoutmaster.


May Minutes: Susan read the May 26 minutes. Don Hinds moved and Rick Newcomer seconded to approve the minutes from May 26, 2005. All were in favor. Minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Dan Shattil announced that the Summer Camp and Current River accounts still need to be updated. The committee reviewed the negative balances in the Scout accounts finding most of them were among the older Scouts. Dan asked for e-mail addresses for each Scout and he would send reminders to get the account balances to zero or positive. Eleven adults have paid for summer camp. Dan reminded everyone that $30 from each Scout will be taken out of their accounts to pay for bus transportation. Adults are not charged this fee. The $30 could go up or down, depending on the circumstances of the travel. Doug Barry moved and Don Hinds seconded approval of the Treasurer’s Report. All were in favor. The motion passed.


Advancement Report: Don Hinds stated that he is looking into the Beatrice Merit Badge University in order to get Personal Fitness MB papers sent to the Troop. The Scouts need these papers in order to finish their Personal Fitness partial requirements. Don needs to record service hours from the Memorial Day services and flag care at the church.


Summer Camp report: Dan Snow decided that the contingent would not stop at Ashfall Fossil Beds State Park because of the added cost and possible delay to arrival at Camp. Dan wanted everyone to begin arriving at St. Mark’s parking lot at 7:30am on July 10 with departure planned for 8:00am. Scouts and adults are invited to bring their equipment to the bus for pre-loading at 7:00pm on Saturday, July 9. The lunch site will be at the Yankton city overlook with plans to arrive at camp at 1:00pm to set up camp. The current count is 23 Scouts, with 7 full-time adults and several part-timers. No word has been received on merit badge requests. Tent assignments will be drafted before departure. Dan will check with the Ottemann family to determine their summer camp status. Update on the Tour Permit revealed that several adults were still needed to get their Safety Afloat training, etc… in order to submit the form. Time is running out.


Scoutmaster Report: Tom Rolfes reported that a mysterious $220.00 was credited to our Troop Account at the Council Office. As it turns out, this money was for adults and Scouts whose registration forms were still not turned in. Don Hinds volunteered to finish up the rechartering papework with the new and non-renewing Scouts to zero out this amount. Tom had the committee review the final Scout attendance at summer camp and suggested resolution for Scouts who have developed medical reasons for not attending camp. Parents often have to write letters of explanation and send them to the Summer Camp’s Council Office.


Tom explained that the 4’x8’ pre-owned trailer from a neighboring troop was accidentally sold through miscommunication. Troop 25 hopes to acquire a second used trailer for purposes of hauling the Hercules canopies around town and for overflow equipment to summer camps. Tom encouraged every Scout and parent to be on the lookout for a smaller utility trailer in good condition. The troop can spend in the neighborhood of $400-$500.


Preview of the June 27 PLC meeting included working on wood I.D. stakes for summer camp, discussing a car wash for fundraising, and final patrol duty rosters for summer camp.


St. Mark’s suggested to Tom that the Adult Education Center building needed to be painted on the exterior. Rather than just volunteer, the committee encouraged Tom to discuss the painting as a possible troop fundraiser, providing the church would pay for the materials.


Tom reported that the Hercules Canopy rentals to Scout families are going very well. The troop committee may consider purchase of two additional canopies, providing that a small trailer could be purchased to store and haul them.


Calendar preview:

·       July 4, 11, 18  NO MEETINGS

·       Committee meeting on July 21 will be postponed to August.

·       PLC meeting for July 25 will be moved to Monday, August 1.

·       Thursday, August 4 will be the Salt Valley District kickoff meeting at Irving Middle School starting at 7:00pm. Any Troop 25 committee or adult leaders are encouraged to attend.

·       Friday, August 5 and Saturday, August 6 will be the Troop 25 Annual Planning Retreat. Scouts and parent sponsors should arrive at 6pm on Friday and plan to adjourn at 12:00noon on Saturday.

·       August 18 will be the next Troop Committee meeting to approve the Planning Retreat goals and 2005-06 activities calendar.


Reminders: We need volunteers for the July 4 flag duty.


Adjournment: Rick Newcomer moved and Doug Barry seconded to adjourn at 8:50pm. All were in favor. Motion was approved.


Minutes were recorded by Susan Smith and typed by Tom Rolfes.