Troop 25 Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Attendance: Dale Meyer, Treasurer; Kevin Meyer, Life Scout; Doug Barry, Assistant Scoutmaster; Dan Snow, Committee Chair; Jerry Bricker, Assistant Scoutmaster;Susan Smith, Committee Member; Marj Newcomer, Fundraising Chair; Tom Rolfes, Scoutmaster.


April Minutes: Doug Barry moved and Jerry Bricker seconded the approval of the April minutes. All were in favor.


Treasurerís Report: Dale Meyer reported that we have a few Scouts with negative account balances. Everything is up to date except the Flower Sales fundraising.


Advancement Report: No report.


Eagle Project Proposal: Life Scout Kevin Meyer presented his proposal for his Eagle Service Project to renovate and restore a basement room at Good Shepherd Lutheran church. The committee approved Kevinís project proposal with the understanding that he would recalculate the project hours to total person hours.


Motherís Day Flower Sales Fundraiser: Dan Snow reported that the troopís total sales for the two days amounted to $2,712.00.The bill from Rose Express was $2,255.00, netting $456.95 as profit for the Scouts. With Scout labor calculated at 147.25 hours, the return to the Scout accounts would be $3.10/hour worked. The committee wanted to review the entire fundraiser, including the $354.94 worth of flowers that were returned on Sunday. Saturday sales were affected by the strong winds, hot temperatures, and afternoon rain. Many flowers were ruined as a result of the conditions. Rose Express agreed to replace the ruined merchandise in order to prepare for sales on Sunday. The 48th & O location sold twice the volume as the other city locations but total Saturday sales were only about $1700. Dan Snow will talk to Bruce Burris about the Sunday flower return and the wholesale report.


Volunteer Opportunity: Jerry Bricker asked permission to recruit Troop 25 Scouts and parents to help assemble luminaries at Haymarket Park on Friday, June 24 in order to prepare for a Cancer Walk for Life. Jerry will coordinate volunteers through the troop meetings and e-mail.


Current River Canoe Trip: Doug Barry announced that he received word of our campsite reservation near Akers Ferry, Missouri. Nineteen people have signed up so far. The troop will make use of the six canoes that we have and either rent or borrow enough to have three or fewer people in each canoe. Doug Barry, Dan Snow, and Tom Rolfes agreed to purchase one combined menu of food for all those going.


Lewis and Clark Summer Camp: Twenty-seven boys are currently signed up for summer camp. Dan Snow announced that all merit badge request forms must be turned in NOW. Medical forms are due by June 6. No St. Markís driver has been secured to drive the bus. The Local Tour Permit needs names of people who are trained in CPR, Safety Afloat, Climb on Safely, and Safe Swim Defense. Dan Snow will follow up to make sure that enough adults get trained in order to fill out the Tour Permit form.


Scoutmaster Report: Tom Rolfes reported that he had enough volunteers to perform the Military Medley ceremony during the 9:00AM and 10:15AM Memorial Day Services on Sunday at St. Markís. Volunteers included Jacob Graff, Pack 25; and Matt Plies, Ty Carney, Matthew Shattil, Trent Carney, Trevor Brass from the Troop.


Tom also announced that wewould need volunteers to put out all 50 flags at 7:00am on Sunday, May 29 and Monday, May 30 as well as to take them down each night at 8:00pm.

Mr. Rolfes presented proposed requisitions to purchase troop equipment--$490.36 to Camp-Mor for a 6-person Eureka tent, Eureka tent replacement parts, a cooking set for the Great Eagle patrol, and hand axe sheaths. He also asked for $55.85 to BSA for an 8í ceremonial panel drape for Courts of Honor. Also, the Philmont Trading Post has steel stakes for tents for only $ .25 apiece, which will require a credit card purchase. Tom planned to buy 100 replacement stakes.


The next St. Markís Perpetual flag duty will be Tuesday, June 14 for Flag Day and Monday, July 5 for Independence Day. Volunteers will have to be at the AEC at 7:00am and 8:00pm each day.


Adjournment: Doug Barry moved and Marj Newcomer seconded the motion to adjourn at 9:10pm. All were in favor. The motion to adjourn passed.


Minutes were recorded by Susan Smith and typed by Tom Rolfes.