Adult Committee Meeting

Troop 25

April 5th, 2004


Attended by: Tom Rolfes, Scoutmaster; Dale Meyer, Treasurer; Don Lee, Committee Chairman; Don Hinds, Advancement Chairman; Susan Smith, Melinda Keedy, Bruce Burris, Dan Snow, and Melanie Collins, Secretary.


We meet at Rose Express.  Thanks to the Burris’ for hosting us.


We discussed selling roses for Mother’s Day, May 9th at St. Mark’s.  We will be selling roses by the dozen, ½ dozen, single rose bouquet or single carnations.  The cost for a single carnation is $1.00 – rose bouquet $5 – ½ dozen roses $10 or dozen of roses for $20.  We spent much of our time discussing how much to purchase and how to sell the roses. 


Secretary’s Report: Minutes were read from the March meeting.  Deb Carney will replace Melanie at the May meeting as the secretary.  Thanks for volunteering.


Treasurer’s Report: Dale passed out the treasurer’s report.  The balance in the checking account is $2321.87.  We discussed attaching a copy of the treasurer's report to the minutes each month.  We will be doing that in the future.


Dale Meyers has the troop neck kerchiefs for sale for $5.00.  See him to purchase one.


Advancement Report: Don reported that the merit badge university at Beatrice on March 20th was successful.  He has purchased the patches for the new leadership and patrols.    The troop will accept all donations of Merit Badge Pamphlets that anyone may have.  Our library is getting low.  Court of Honor is scheduled for May 27th.


Scoutmaster Report: 


Just a reminder that the meetings we have in the youth room we will no longer allow pop or food.  The musical instruments are off limits to the scouts.  We need to respect the property in the youth room and it has been requested that we abide by these rules. 


In regards to the St Marks bus campaign – Tom would like to see the troop hit a goal of donating $500.  To do this we need each boy to donate $15.00.  If you have any questions regarding this, please see Tom. 


Dan Snow will take over as the committee chairman at the May committee meeting.  Thanks for volunteering.


We discussed the canoe agreement between troop 25 and troop 8.  We will discuss that further at the May committee meeting. 


We had 16 Scouts participate in the Goodwill pick up.  Thanks for your help!


The Venture Crew will launch on April 1st.  A youth has to be 14 to be in the Venture Crew.  This is open to both boys and girls.


Calendar Reminders & Upcoming events:

April 1 – NO PLC Meeting

April 3 – Good Turn for Goodwill pickup date

April 5 – Committee Meeting 7-9:30

April 8 - Regular Meeting, 7-9:30

April 15 - Regular Meeting, 7-9:30

April 17 – Wilderness Park Hick & Cleanup 8:30

April 22nd - Regular Meeting, 7-9:30

April 24 – Push Cart Races

April 29th - Regular Meeting, 7-9:30  - assess tents & trailer

May 3rd - Committee Meeting 7-9:30



Respectfully submitted,

Melanie Collins

Committee Secretary