Troop Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 15, 2007

St. Mark’s Church--Room 135


Committee Chair Dan Snow called the meeting to order at 7:14pm.

Present: Sue Graff, Committee Member; Don Hinds, Advancement Chair; Doug Gilg, Assistant Scoutmaster; Doug Barry, Assistant Scoutmaster; Dan Snow, Committee Chair; Sue Smith, Concessionaire; Tom Rolfes, Scoutmaster; Guest Julie Swearingen, Cubmaster.  Absent: Deb Carney, Secretary; Dan Shattil, Treasurer


Don Hinds moved to approve the January minutes, 2nd by Sue Graff. No corrections. Motion carried unanimously.


Tom Rolfes presented the financial report on behalf of Dan Shattil.

·        Don Hinds questioned whether the $300 was deducted from six accounts for Philmont.

·        The troop financial policy statement needs to be finalized and shared with the St. Mark’s finance committee and all the parents.

Sue Smith moved to approve the financial report, 2nd by Don Hinds. No changes. Motion carried unanimously.


Don Hinds presented the advancement report.

·        Merit badges are getting finished up from the Cosmosphere for Aviation and Weather

·        Mike Nagle is handling the registration for the LDS MB university the same day as the District Pinewood Derby. 9 scouts are signed up.

·        Communications MBs are almost finished. Tyler Kingsley, Brian Burris, Christopher Chu, Jacob Graff are still finishing.

·        12 Scouts are taking Personal Fitness MB with Becky Martin. They will meet at Park Middle School on Tuesday, Feb. 20th at 7:00pm. Scouts needing a ride should meet at St. Mark’s and be ready to leave at 6:30pm.


Pinewood Derby

·        Concessions: Sue Smith asked if the pizza plan was okay to order 25 pizzas for Friday night, to be picked up at 4:30pm. 10cheese, 10 pepperonis, 5 hamburger. Susan needs large coolers for pop. Please bring them on Monday night to the Scout meeting. Posters for menus will be completed at Monday’s meeting. Tom suggested that they do the menus on computer and also on poster board. Set up will start at 4pm on Friday the 23rd. We’ll need two or three vehicles to rendezvous at 8010 Cherrywood at 3:15pm on Friday to load the food and pop. Each working Scout will get a slice of pizza and one can of pop free on Friday night for working (when Susan says so). Scouts will pay half price for any food items on Saturday.

·        Silent Auction: Sue Graff informed the committee that the youth group will now need access to the youth room and upper fellowship hall on both Friday and Saturday nights. Parents and Scouts need to keep soliciting items for the  silent auction. We want to try to simulcast the races in Upper Fellowship Hall. There also will be a Scout recruiting table set up. Jerry Bricker?

·        Program/Promotion: Dan Snow reported that Mark Michaud will be doing the program and printing. Signage will be prepared on Monday night. Trophies are taken care of.

·        Track/Logistics: Mark Roper and Dan Snow will manage the software and races.

·        Facilities: Don Hinds reported that everything is under control.

·        Registration: Tom said that we are going to do a 2-stage check-in process that involves weighing and sizing and wheel inspection, followed by numbers and impound. Design and Outlaws will go in one line, with race cars in the other line. Julie Swearingen was going to bring us extra Derby kits to be used for extra parts. The pit crew will be run by Logan Hinds and Blake Smith. All graphite must be applied out doors.


Summer Camp-Doug Gilg: 24 youth and adult signed up for summer camp so far. We need to get responses from the new Webelos coming in. Merit badge signup will start in March.


Scoutmaster Report-Tom Rolfes:

·        Tom is going to apply for a St. Mark’s foundation grant to purchase a canoe trailer, canoes, and equipment. The canoes would be for use by any St. Mark’s group, as well as the pack, troop, or crew.

·        The committee reviewed the troop calendar and suggested the following changes:

o        The Squaw Creek NWR campout in Missouri on March 9-11 has been cancelled and replaced with the Lesoing Trust Campout on March 23-25. This will give the new Scouts a closer location to practice their cooking and patrol camping.

o       The elections originally slated for early March will be moved to April to allow the incoming Scouts more time to learn the older Scouts’ names and positions.

o       The Order of the Arrow elections will also take place in April on the same night as the Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leader elections.

o       The New Scout Patrol and their parents will start meeting with the troop on Monday, March 5.

·        Tom will do a spreadsheet of transportation estimates for South Dakota.

·        An initial review of new and returning Scouts indicated that the troop membership for 2007-08 would be approximately 35 Scouts.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm by voice vote.

Minutes recorded by Tom Rolfes