Building the Bridge
Loesing Trust Camp
01 Location chosen.jpg (88799 bytes)
The location is chosen
02 First support goes up.jpg (88064 bytes)
First support goes up
03 Second support in place.jpg (85448 bytes)
Second support in place
04 Lining up the bridge.jpg (83004 bytes)
Lining up the bridge
05 Builiding the ladders.jpg (90060 bytes)
Building the ladders
06 Starting the bridge walkway.jpg (87847 bytes)
Starting the bridge walkway
07 Lashing the bridge walkway.jpg (69217 bytes)
Lashing the bridge walkway
08 We have to get across.jpg (69888 bytes)
Now we have to get across
09 Pulling the walkway across.jpg (58519 bytes)
Pulling the walkway across
10 Walkway is finally across.jpg (60375 bytes)
The walkway is finally across
11 Raising the bridge.jpg (63263 bytes)
Raising the bridge
12 Securing the walkway into place.jpg (69816 bytes)
Securing the walkway into place
13 The bridge is finished.jpg (76132 bytes)
The bridge is finished
14 Who will dare cross first.jpg (64165 bytes)
Who will dare cross first?
15 Many more to follow.jpg (79166 bytes)
Many more to follow